Kind man melts hearts caring for baby raccoon who lost his mom

Raccoons are animals that are very common in North America.

Many live near urban centers, and because they live so close to people, sadly some end up becoming victims of car accidents.

Raccoons usually live in mixed forests and riverine environments, according to National Geographic.

However, due to their ability to adapt to different environments, they can now inhabit mountainous areas, coastal marshes, and most especially urban areas.

Since raccoons are a native species in North America, you can see them roaming around the streets and even in your yard.

Because of this, it’s understandable why they are often victims of roadkill in the region.

That’s what happened with a mother raccoon who was tragically hit by a car. Luckily, one of her babies was spotted by a kind man.

A man named Eric spotted something moving on the side of the road and decided to check at it closer.

Eric then found a baby raccoon and decided to take it home and tend to it for a while.

After a week or so, Eric brought the baby raccoon to his friend Mitchell, the owner of the raccoon YouTube channel Tito The Raccoon.

It was time to buy some things for the baby raccoon.

Mitchell already owned a full-grown raccoon named Tito, who was the one who brought Mitchell’s YouTube channel to fame.

However, the man did not hesitate to take care of the helpless baby raccoon given to him. He placed the baby raccoon inside a big cardboard box to quarantine him.

“I can’t risk him spreading anything to Tito,” Mitchell wrote on the video’s description. “Until he is vet-approved they won’t have any contact.”

Mitchell went to the grocery to shop for pet goods and accessories.

He bought a bag of potty pads, milk, a pet bed, food bowls, a syringe, and a baby bottle set for the raccoon. He also got him an adorable stuffed toy that looks exactly like the raccoon.

When he went back home, he immediately placed the necessary things inside the raccoon’s cardboard box home.

As the raccoon enjoyed his new surroundings, Mitchell put the toy inside to keep it busy while he was preparing milk.

After a while, Mitchell fed the raccoon using the bottle he bought, and the raccoon stuffed itself with the mixture.

The incident happened about three years ago, what happened to the raccoon now?

Mitchell decided to keep the baby raccoon and named him Cheeto.

Right now, he is featured on most of the videos from the Tito The Raccoon channel. This particular video racked up over 10 million views on YouTube, and people heartwarmingly shared their kind words toward Mitchell.

Thanks to Eric and Mitchell’s efforts, this raccoon was able to live well and healthily.

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