Man Who Swore He’d Never Stop Looking For His Lost Dog Finally Finds Him After 4 Years

Michael Joy had the nightmare that every dog owner has in 2016. His three cherished dogs ran off and disappeared.

Sam, a 4-month-old Lab mix, was still missing when two of the dogs returned. Sam was nowhere to be found despite Michael searching every single local shelter.

Hey, I’m going to find this puppy, I told my wife, Michael remarked. I continued to follow the shelters’ website just in case he had appeared. I never stopped.

Michael and his family ultimately relocated to Kentucky, but he never lost faith that Sam was still alive and well. He frequently visited their former Georgia house in the hopes that Sam could still be there.

After nearly five years, Michael was still unable to locate Sam.

But suddenly, one day, Michael got a call from City Dogs Cleveland.

“We have Sam,” she says. I’m thinking, “This can’t be the same Sam!” in the back of my head. Michael uttered.

It’s Ohio, folks! This is practically in Michigan!

“Can you describe him for me, I ask you? I said, “Where are you and when can I pick him up?” after she answered, “He’s a lighter-haired dog.”

Sam had received a medical examination at the shelter, and during the process of scanning him, they discovered his microchip. They were able to track him down to the Joys after that.

But suddenly, one day, Michael got a call from City Dogs Cleveland.

That same day, Michael traveled eight hours to Ohio in the hopes that Sam might still recognize him. Over those years, Michael and Sam had undergone significant transformation.

You can just see the excitement in my face as I wait for them to pull Sam out as we go to the top. Michael stated, “I was like a kid at Christmas.

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