Heartwarming Story: Dog with a Sad Start to Life Always Seeks Hugs from His Loving Mom

Raffie didn’t have a great start at life. But thankfully he now has an emotional support human in his brand new home in the Netherlands.

“I say I am his service dog, his emotional support dog,” Raffie’s new mom Maren said.

Poor Raffie was used for breeding. And when he was no longer good for breeding, he was used as a bait dog.

And he never fought back. Raffie’s sweet demeanor kept him from biting and attacking other dogs.

Raffie is a kind dog and avoids fights at all costs.

And if he feels that a dog is being aggressive toward him, he’ll just turn his back to that dog.

“He wants nothing to do with it,” Maren said.

But Maren makes sure that Raffie never has to worry about stuff like that ever again.

She says that Raffie is her best friend and that she loves him very much. And the feeling is mutual. Raffie is extremely affectionate and cuddly.

He cuddles with his mother morning, noon, and night. And he follows his mom everywhere. Even to the toilet.

When she leaves and asks her dad to look over her animals, Raffie is always sitting at the front door waiting for his mom.

But Maren isn’t the only one Raffie has a sweet spot for. He gets along very well with all sorts of animals like cats, dogs, sheep, and cows
Maren thought that Raffie could use a buddy so she adopted a dog that looks just like him.
That dog’s name is Odin.

Poor Odin was dumped by his previous owner. While he is Raffie’s new buddy, he has a vastly different personality.

“Raffie, I always say, doesn’t have a sense of humor and doesn’t understand anything. But Odin is like a clown,” Maren said.

Raffie loves giving his brother hugs and kisses. They were instant best friends.

And both boys love their momma. She loves to sing to both of them every morning.

She also likes to give them mani-pedis, massages, and facials.

“I see how many adult dogs are in shelters. I want to give them a good life,” Maren said.

“He [Raffie] missed a lot of love, of course. He was very weak and very afraid. He never learned to play. I’m glad I can give him the love he deserves. I’m proud of him and I love him very much,” Maren said.

Raffie not only brings joy to his mom, but he’s brought joy to thousands of others.

More than 650,000 people have watched his story on GeoBeats Animals’ YouTube page.

“What a great story and what a wonderful dog! I’m so glad that you rescued him and giving him the life that he deserves,” one Youtube commenter said.

“You are their guardian angel! May you three share a long life together. Such pure love is priceless. Thank God you were there for your boys,” said another.

Learn more about Raffie’s story in the video below.

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