Heroic dog leads officer to his owner, slumped over in a chair

A quick-thinking dog amazingly managed to save his owner’s life in an incredible fashion. After his owner found herself in real danger, the quick-thinking dog found a way to save her life!

While on a patrol, officer Jeff Gonzalez came across a black Labrador wandering the streets of Germantown, Wisconsin. When spotting him, the officer immediately thought he has to deal with a stray dog, but it wasn’t anything like that. That dog was on a lifesaving mission.

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Concerned, officer Gonzalez tried to approach the dog in order to help him, but as he was getting closer, the dog started to run, so the officer followed him. After a few moments, the cop found himself in front of house with the black lab on the porch. It is when he realized something was wrong.

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A woman was lifelessly lying on a chair on the front porch, only with her pyjamas on, despite outside was extremely cold. The woman had her lips blue, so officer Gonzalez feared for the worst. However, after checking her pulse, he realized the woman was alive though. So he immediately called for an ambulance.

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The woman, named Krystal was taken to the hospital where she got medical supervision for her heart condition. Anyway, everyone was impressed with the black lab, named John Boy, who saved his owner’s life, even though he isn’t a trained service dog nor trained to seek help.

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On the other the officer’s decision to follow John Boy is to be praised. After all if the dog wouldn’t had found him that day, maybe other would have been the situation. Anyway, after Krystal got back home, her daughter wanted to meet officer Gonzalez in person to thank him for saving her mom’s life. As about John Boy he’ll probably get extra treats for the rest of his life. After all, he fully deserves it!

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“A quick-thinking dog amazingly managed to save his owner’s life in an incredible fashion”

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