Unleash the Roaring British Beast: Immaculate 1975 Triumph TR6 for Only $10,000!

Prepare to be captivated by the stunning allure of this 1975 Triumph TR6, a true British classic that still exudes timeless charm. Despite the not-so-subtle rubber bumper overriders mandated by NHTSA, this TR6 remains an impressive sight to behold. And what better color than the iconic British Racing Green? While not flawless, its overall appearance is still remarkable. Discover more about this gem as we delve into its details. Currently listed on craigslist in Takoma Park, Maryland, for a mere $10,000, this Triumph TR6 presents an irresistible opportunity for enthusiasts.

Let’s address the color first—the British Racing Green that graces this TR6 is not its original hue. Originally finished in red, this classic underwent a green respray at some point in its history. Surprisingly, the quality of the paintwork is exceptional, evident in the meticulously executed green door jambs and engine compartment. While the hood displays minor blemishes, they are easily manageable. The folding convertible top, with its clear plastic rear window, remains in good condition, showing no signs of deterioration or yellowing. To complete the picture, traditional red stripe tires would enhance the car’s appearance, offering a touch of nostalgia to its next owner.

Under the hood of this two-seater resides Triumph’s renowned 2.5-liter in-line six-cylinder engine, producing around 104 net HP in the 1975 model year. Power is channeled to the rear wheels through a four-speed manual transmission. The seller mentions that the Weber carburetors have been rebuilt, and the cooling and brake systems have been flushed—an indication of some care and maintenance. Unfortunately, specific details about its current operating condition are not provided, leaving potential buyers curious about its performance capabilities.

Step inside the TR6’s interior and prepare to be impressed. The upholstery, dash, wooden instrument panel, and carpet exhibit a level of preservation that defies the car’s odometer reading. Although the floor pans have been replaced, suggesting some interior rejuvenation work, the overall presentation remains outstanding. However, one notable flaw is the console, which bears additional holes from a former CD player and push-button starter switch. Additionally, the heater is disconnected, possibly indicating a core issue. While these minor imperfections exist, they do not overshadow the overall appeal of this Coventry hot-rod.

Unleash your inner driving enthusiast with this immaculate 1975 Triumph TR6, a British beast that demands attention. Priced at an astonishing $10,000, this beauty presents an incredible opportunity to own a piece of automotive history. While the seller could have provided more details about its performance, the minor flaws are overshadowed by the TR6’s undeniable charm. If you’ve had the pleasure of owning or driving a TR6, we invite you to share your stories and experiences. Don’t miss your chance to embark on thrilling adventures with this roaring classic!

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