The heartwarming moment deer sees children jump through sprinkler and decides to join in too

Summer is a great time to make memories.

Even with the sweltering heat, our younger selves unbelievably found ways to enjoy themselves. While pools are on the top of the list, sometimes all you need is a little water.

Water sliding is a popular choice for some even if there’s a chance of burning your skin on the wrong skid. All good fun. But there are those who are content with just a water sprinkler. And for these kids, it’s a memory they will never forget.

A clip went viral on TikTok about some kids under a sprinkler and an unexpected guest.

It could’ve been just another summer sprinkler fun for the kids but together with them was a deer. The deer was also enjoying its time under the cooling and refreshing spray in the yard.

At first, one would think that the deer was just sneaking in a moment under the water but as soon as the kids come out, you know the deer is part of the bunch.

A little girl dashes towards the deer.

If we ever saw a deer in the wild, we know that it was going to bolt out of the scene. Here though, it just skillfully and playfully dodges the little girl’s attempt at the tag.

Then, the kids ran in circles around the sprinkler. Curious and wanting to participate, the deer watched them first. It would then get closer to the sprinkler whenever the kids are away.

Eventually, it ran with kids, too. It even accepted some chin rubs from one of them. And while most kids with sprinklers can tell you that they played on it on hot summer days, only a few can tell you that they did the same thing but with a deer.

The video has since become viral with thousands of engagements.

The video has thousands of comments and hundreds of thousands of likes. People were amused and envious of the children’s experience.

“The deer’s going to go home after the street lights come on and tell his momma he had the best day with some human friends at the water park.” One commenter reminisced.

“Omg imagine having THIS core memory as a kid!” another one said.

“That reassuring touch from the little boy in the black shorts. Well done on teaching your children such respect for wildlife.” A user also commented, commending the children’s upbringing.

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