Rare Gem Unearthed: 69k Original Miles on Immaculate 1986 Chevrolet El Camino SS!

Prepare to be amazed by the discovery of a true automotive treasure – a 1986 Chevrolet El Camino SS that has remained untouched and preserved over the years. As we ponder the future of Chevrolet’s iconic El Camino, rumors of a potential modern revival circulate, but for now, vehicles like this remarkable 1986 El Camino SS offer a glimpse into the past. Found recently in a garage, this second-owner beauty is now ready for its third owner and is listed for sale on eBay in Townsend, Delaware. Bidding has already surpassed the reserve price, reaching an impressive $11,000, indicating that this classic gem is days away from finding a new home.

According to the seller, the original owner of this El Camino was an elderly farmer, suggesting that the vehicle spent a considerable amount of time in storage. Although not explicitly mentioned, the claimed odometer reading of 69,000 genuine miles adds credibility to this claim. The El Camino presents itself beautifully, adorned in its original Dark Red and Silver combination, making a lasting first impression. While a closer inspection reveals typical chips and marks on the front nose section and some scratches on the bed, there are no signs of abuse, mistreatment, or rust. The straight panels, crisp decals, and flawless tinted glass attest to the care this vehicle has received. It proudly rolls on its original Rally wheels, with undamaged trim rings that can be elusive to find.

Inside the El Camino, comfort awaits with cloth seat covers, power windows, cruise control, a sports gauge cluster, and a tilt wheel. While the air conditioning and AM/FM radio currently require attention, the overall condition is positive. There are no signs of cracked or crumbling plastic, and no aftermarket additions have been made. A professional detailer might be able to restore the slightly dirty carpet and driver’s seat to their former glory, enhancing the overall appeal of the interior.

Powering this classic El Camino is a numbers-matching 305ci V8 engine, identical to the one used in the ’86 Monte Carlo SS. With the automatic transmission delivering 180 horsepower and 225 ft/lbs of torque to the rear wheels, this El Camino holds its own. Weighing slightly less than a Monte Carlo, this beauty has the potential to outperform its sibling, possibly surpassing the Monte Carlo’s 16.3-second quarter-mile ET. The seller claims a genuine 69,100 miles on the clock, and while verifying evidence isn’t explicitly mentioned, the overall condition and presentation make the claim believable. With minor issues like old tires and a seeping radiator addressed, this El Camino SS is poised to offer years of reliable service to its fortunate new owner.

Conclusion: The Chevrolet El Camino holds a special place in automotive history, enjoying respectable sales for nearly four decades before production ceased in 1987. Among the rarest examples is this 1986 El Camino SS, one of only 996 produced that year. While the current bid is in the range of an average vehicle, its exceptional originality, ownership history, and odometer reading could drive the final figure even higher. If owning a vehicle of this caliber has always been your dream, this is an opportunity that should not be missed!

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