Unearthed Emerald Gem: Immaculate 1977 Chrysler Cordoba Reveals Its Secrets!

Prepare to be amazed as we uncover an automotive treasure straight out of the emerald city. If you’re still recovering from St. Patrick’s Day festivities, hold on tight because this 1977 Chrysler Cordoba is a true green sensation. With limited information and a touch of mystery surrounding this “Small Chrysler,” located in Fox Lake, Illinois, the enigmatic allure of this vintage beauty is available for purchase on craigslist for $9,100. Thanks to our friend Pat L., we unveil yet another hidden gem!

In the tumultuous early-to-mid 70s, Chrysler was desperately seeking a breakthrough. Struggling to compete with popular personal luxury coupes like the Monte Carlo and Grand Prix, they introduced the “Small Chrysler” in 1975, and the Cordoba became their saving grace. With its affordable price tag and captivating design, the Cordoba quickly captured hearts, bolstered by the memorable advertising campaign featuring the charismatic Ricardo Montalban. Its pinnacle year came in 1977 when a staggering 183,146 Cordobas were sold. While details about this specific Cordoba remain scarce, the seller tantalizes us with claims of “Like New” condition, 86,000 miles on the clock, a clean title, and technical specifications regarding the 400 cu-in V8 engine. That’s all we know for now.

From the four available photos, there’s a possibility that the listed mileage could be original, adding to the allure of this vintage marvel. The Jade Green Metallic paint, one of 18 color options in 1977, exudes a captivating charm, complemented by well-preserved chrome accents, trim, glass, and bumper fillers. Although personal preferences may differ, a tire upgrade might be in order to enhance the overall aesthetic. The condition of the green Landau vinyl roof and the distinctive “stylish opera side lamps” is difficult to ascertain from the limited visual evidence. Stepping inside, the original green “plush Verdi velour” seats, carpeting, and dashboard showcase remarkable preservation for a 45-year-old car. And let’s not forget the unique green steering wheel adorned with the iconic Cordoba “coin” hub and matching green seat belts.

Curiously absent are any engine photos, despite the anticipation that lies beneath the shiny green hood—a 400 cu-in V8 engine paired with a 3-speed TorqueFlite automatic transmission. According to the seller, the Cordoba boasts impressive performance figures, estimated to reach 0-60 mph in 11 seconds and complete the quarter-mile in 18.7 seconds, as per ProfessCars™ estimation. If this Cordoba proves to be an authentic survivor, the next fortunate owner can relish in its timeless charm from day one. Who knows, they might even hear the velvety voice of Ricardo Montalban whispering, “I have much more in this small Chrysler than great comfort at a most pleasant price. I have great confidence, for which there can be NO price. With Cordoba, I have what I need…”

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