Meet Extremely Rare White Lions were just born in a Ukrainian zoo (Video Inside)

The cub is so cute. She was just bored and wanted to run around. I think you should have more visits to other places thou’ ranch work is a on-going thing. Keep up the good work, Blake. You are awesome. What a gorgeous family. I love how mom was on top everything. When dad got up to teach jr a lesson mom stayed close as if she wanted to make sure dad didn’t rough him up too much.

Staggeringly beautiful. The whole pride. Or fam really. OMG. The king! They need to be protected forever. So lovely ALIVE. If you have to hang something on your wall pay someone to sculpt one for you. You’ve got the dough if you can hunt them. How could a normal human destroy something so unbelievably gorgeous?? Thank you and God bless you for your work.

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