Mama dog’s “discipline” of squabbling puppies gets over 20M views

Kids have been quarreling with their siblings for as long as the sky has been blue.

It’s a simple fact of life.

It’s also a fact that if their quarreling gets to be too loud or annoying for mom’s liking, they’re going to be dealt with in short order.

This goes for mama dogs, too.

Puppies also sometimes need to be disciplined by their mom.

They’re cute, but they’re terrors.

These two naughty pups wrestled non-stop until their mom came and stopped them.

Puppies biting and chasing each other is a normal activity. It is their way of playing with the pack.

However, if their playfulness escalates to the point that they could hurt each other, their mom may need to step in.

This mom’s done with their nonsense.

Two Labrador pups named Lucy and Milo are filmed by their parents as they wrestle with each other on the blanket spread on the floor.

Lucy and Milo just look adorable as they continue to exchange tiny punches from their paws, but come to think of it, aren’t they trying to rip each other’s faces off?

One of the pups just won’t stop messing with his sibling even though the other showed no interest in playing anymore.

They broke the cardinal rule.

They annoyed their mom.

She cannot put up with their actions for much longer and proceeds to take action.

She tried being nice.

The mama dog tried to figure out a good way to get her puppies to stop fighting.

She tried to stop the naughty pup who kept on bugging his sibling by lightly nibbling its behind, but the pup just got more feisty and loud.

The scolded pup turns his aggression toward his mother by barking at her, but he didn’t realize that it would only make matters worse.

“Oh, you are talking back to me now?” might just be the correct translation of the mother’s bark.

She nipped that in the bud.

She furiously barked at her tiny pup. That ought to teach them a lesson.

The two pups sat in silence after the harsh barks from their mother.

They got the message, and quick.

They lightly bowed their heads down to the floor.

The little pup attempted to bug his sibling again, but just one bark from his mom was enough for him to turn away and obey his furious mother.

Funnily enough, the mother glanced at her owner as if she was trying to say, “I’m so ashamed that you had to see this, but please let me handle this myself.”

The family drama resembles every parent-child situation.

Everybody gets an earful from their mothers.

Everyone on the internet loved witnessing how this mother dog handled her pups after the clip was uploaded on YouTube.

With over 20 million views, many people commented about the universal experience of moms yelling at their kids.

Other commenters tried to guess what the mama dog was saying to her kids:
“She called the puppies by their full names,” one said.
What Milo and Lucy’s clips made clear is that getting chewed out by mom is one of the most relatable occurrences on the planet, even among other species.
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