Husky meets his male puppy for the first time and they’re two peas in a pod

The bond between a dad and his son is undeniable.

Even animals share this special connection with their offspring.

Witness how Gohan reacts when he finally meets his male puppy.

Gohan is a Siberian Husky

He loves to share his adventures on his YouTube channel.

His owner named him after his favorite childhood show.

He also shares his experiences and life together with his family.

He is excited about a new milestone in his life.

Gohan’s in for a treat.

At the start of the video, Gohan’s owner talks to him about a surprise.

He has no idea what awaits him.

Gohan will finally meet his son for the first time.

His owner picked up his puppy.

The pup looks a lot like his dad.

Gohan’s owner is excited for them to meet after weeks of waiting.

The male puppy looked at his dad’s owner with questioning eyes.

He does not know that his dad is waiting for him already.

The father and son finally meet.

Gohan gets a glimpse of his son for the first time.

The new dad was surprised to see his male pup.

Unfamiliar with this new role, Gohan does not know how to react.

He sniffs the male puppy to get to know him more.

He never leaves his side.

Even though it’s strange to have his puppy around, Gohan keeps an eye on him.

He also follows him around wherever he decides to roam around.

Afraid that something might happen to his little one, Gohan makes sure he knows where he is.

He is a devoted and protective father to his pup.

They finally warmed up.

After some time of being together, the father and son were able to bond.

The two Husky were no longer strangers to each other.

The puppy acknowledges Gohan’s presence and role in his life.

Gohan was finally at ease with the new dog and allows him to get close to him.

The two played together.

Gohan was able to get his son’s attention.

The puppy started to become playful with his dad.

The new dad is patient with his child and allows him to play energetically near him.

Gohan is being careful with the puppy while playing to avoid getting him hurt.

Gohan’s owner adores them both.

He shows his love for the new puppy.

Gohan is very thankful to him for extending his love to his son.

He even strokes his head a lot to know that he is welcomed to his new home.

The new pup is happy meeting his family.

He felt the love that his father and his owner have for him.

He’s adorably confident.

The baby Husky was able to walk around the house confidently.

Those who watched the video felt the warmth between the father and son.

One of them left a comment saying,

“Gohan has to be the calmest husky I’ve ever seen. So gentle while meeting the new pup, that’s crazy!”

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