the bear brought its cub to the girl so that she pulled the splinter out of its paw

This story happened in the summer. It was warm and fresh outside. The birds woke up early and woke people up with their wonderful singing.

I put on a dress and went to the lake. It’s incredibly beautiful there in the morning. There was calm and quiet water in the reservoir, and a small fog towered over it. Small drops of pure dew could be seen on the grass. There was only one path leading to the pond. To reach the lake, it was necessary to pass through the edge of the forest thicket.

When I was walking to the lake this time, I saw a female bear with a bear cub. In order not to scare them, I quietly sat down near a tree and decided to wait until the animals left.

In our village, people were not afraid of bears, they often showed themselves to people. However, I decided that I needed to be careful. I didn’t manage to hide well and the bear noticed me. She started walking towards me while pushing her cub forward.

I saw that the baby had a wounded paw. I looked closer, and I noticed a big splinter. They probably couldn’t get it out by themselves, so the bear decided to come to me for help. I took the animal in my arms, and I pulled the splinter out with one sharp move. The bear howled, and its mother came close to us again. It ended well, I helped the bear, and its mother didn’t hurt me.

I guess a lot of people will say “you can’t do that”, but in our village, no one’s afraid of bears. There are no hunters, bears are often fed, so they never touch people either.

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