Heartbreaking Letter Found Next To A Lonely Dog Tied To A Bench

The love we share for each other sometimes requires a lot of sacrifice and this boy was ready to give himself up to his pup just to make sure he was safe and loved. This boy in Mexico could not bear to see his beloved golden retriever being abused by his relatives, so he took the helpless dog and tied him to a bench in a park in the hope that a kind person would adopt him. He also left a note with the dog to justify his tough decision

Some locals saw the scared puppy and asked for help, but not before offering him water and something to eat. A few minutes later, Marcela Goldberg and Azul Galindo from the Pet Coyoacan animal welfare department arrived.

“Several neighbors got together and brought him food and water because they didn’t tie him to the bank with anything,” Marcela told. “But they couldn’t get close because the puppy was so scared.”

In addition to the tied dog, the rescue team also discovered a note. The note, originally in Spanish, says:

“Hello, please adopt me: Max. Please, I ask you to adopt this cute dog and take good care of him. It hurts me a lot to leave my dog ​​here, but I made the decision to leave because my family used to abuse him and it always hurt to see him in this condition. If you are reading this and his heart is wavering, please adopt and take good care of him. Otherwise, please leave this note instead. So others can read and adopt it. Thank you. ”

Also initially scared and confused, the puppy, who is around 8 months old, calmed down as soon as he realized that the rescuers had good intentions. There was a big change in his attitude after Marcela managed to cut the chain. Later, the solitary dog ​​was taken to the Pet Coyoacán facilities to care for him. Also, his name is no longer Max, but Boston and now he is waiting for a loving family to adopt him.

“He will no longer be called Max, as it appears in the note, because he is waiting for a new life without remnants of his previous life,” the rescue center wrote on Facebook. “From now on only love in life in Boston because it is love.”

Hoy, domingo 22 de noviembre, recibimos el reporte de este perrito, abandonado en una banca en un camellón, con una nota que pedía que lo adoptaran ya que sufre maltrato. Acudimos cuanto antes para resguardarlo. pic.twitter.com/tSKkay6N9G

— Mascotas Coyoacán 🐾 (@MascotaCoyoacan) November 22, 2020

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