The Man Has A Unique Encounter With A Family Of Wild Mountain Gorillas

It’s always fascinating to get up close to a wild animal, but it was definitely a racing heart for the American tourist when a family of wild mountain gorillas approached him. The monkeys turned out to be friendlier than expected and even spoiled the man with grooming. The moving scene was captured on camera! When wildlife enthusiast John J. King II decided to visit Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, he was only hoping to get a glimpse of the endangered species. But he achieved much more.

Suddenly, King found himself in the middle of a truly unexpected encounter after a group of gorillas decided to visit his camp. In this unique experience, the man was trapped by a mixture of fear and emotion, but in the end he could not believe what he saw, it actually happened.

While the man is sitting still, the young gorillas approach him with curiosity, while the adults observe them closely from a short distance. At the same time, the little ones even climb onto King’s back and start grooming him. “The trackers told us that babies can get close to you sometimes, so they just sit in a docile position and usually just walk away,” King told National Geographic. “One of the babies grabbed my arm very gently. I can’t tell you how smooth it was. It was like a little boy touching your arm in a very adorable way. ”

Although the group looked very friendly, King made no move, aware of how dangerous the silver back is, especially when his babies are around. “Instead of walking away, he walked behind me and started touching my shoulder and head, which were obviously being cared for,” he said. “When the silver back appeared, I was spellbound and really determined not to touch his eyes and try to be docile.”

Check out the unique encounter here:

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