Grandparents can’t contain their emotions when they get new puppy for Christmas

Having pets is one of the great joys in life. Pets are a great way to have fun and relax, they’re a great way to get exercise, and they can be an important tool in teaching kids responsibility.

And they’re also especially helpful when you’re stressed out or lonely.

There’s nothing like receiving a puppy as a gift.

Puppies are just the best. They’re always welcome, no matter the occasion or time of year.

The anticipation of what kind of puppy you’ll get is exciting and fun, and then there’s the actual moment when you finally meet him or her and fall head over heels in love with their adorable face and soft fur.

This is what Steacy had in mind.

Steacy is a veterinary assistant who decided to surprise her beloved grandparents.

Steacy understood precisely what she meant when she helped surprise her grandparents by bringing an 8-week-old dog. They were not only equipped to take care of their animal friend, but they also fell in love with them immediately!

Luckily, the precious moment was recorded.

The video began with her grandmother opening a gift box. Inside were various dog stuff—from food bowls to cute tiny dog toys.

The confusion was evident. And it’s truly heartwarming to watch her reactions progress from uncertainty to assurance.

At the most perfect time, the dog was taken in by other family members.

Their faces just instantly lit up and it was easy to see how the room was immediately filled with so much joy and love.

Steacy’s grandmother was quick to embrace the beautiful, tiny canine. She was in tears, and we’d like to believe it was all tears of joy.

Then her grandfather carried their new baby.

It’s just impossible not to cry once you watch the video for yourself. It was as if they have been waiting for this precious pet their whole lives.

Growing old together must be extra exciting with a little baby around and Steacy’s grandparents seem to understand this from the get-go.

As this video shows, pets can be great gifts — under the right circumstances.

Be cautious when giving a pet as a gift! You should be gifting animals only to people who are ready for the responsibility.

The last thing you want is to give cats or dogs to people who are unprepared. Remember, a pet is a more than a decade-long responsibility.

But once you gift them to the right people, it will truly be magical—just like this lovely story.

Viewers also expressed their thoughts.

“Beautiful – the way her eyes lit up when she moved the blanket – priceless,” one commenter wrote. “You’ve made them very happy thank you that puppy will never be short of love.”

One viewer also said:

“Awwww this I’d so lovely but is there a back up person to walk it and take it on as the couple get older?”

Steacy explained that she had thought about that and had a plan in place:

“I appreciate your input but my grandparents are very mobile and healthy. If the time comes I have a LARGE family.”

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