Dog who had turned to ‘stone’ loves when new mom wraps him in towel

A dog with mange is not a pretty sight.

Mange is caused by mites and is common in stray, abused, or neglected dogs. Mangy dogs with mange are often hairless, with sores and covered in hard patches.

Often, dogs with mange are described as having skin like “stone” because of how they look.

One such dog was Crumb, a stray dog in South Africa.

Sidewalk Specials is a dog rescue and mass sterilization unit based in De Doorns, South Africa.

Rachael of Sidewalk Specials shared that they received a report that there was a sick dog next door to them. However, it took them approximately eight months of chasing the dog before they finally caught him.

In the video, you can see that a man helping them catch the dog put a plastic bottle on Crumb’s neck.

When they finally pinned him down, they were able to catch him.

Rachael said that she was determined to help Crumb. “I caught you, and I will rescue you,” was her train of thought at that time.

“At that point, he stopped fighting. We started feeding him and giving him love,” Rachael told the Dodo.

They put him in a cage with a cozy dog bed, and Crumb finally looked settled and comfortable.

Despite being a stray dog, Crumb was calm when the vet gave him a thorough checkup.

They called him stone dog.

“It’s when the mange has gone so far, he looked like he’s made of stone. Apart from that one strip of fur down his spine, which made him look like a little hyena, a little wild dog,” Rachael said.

Crumb’s foster parents picked him up right after he finished at the vet.

They took good care of him and even dressed him in silly outfits.

Every week, they brought him back to the vet to treat his mange. They also showered him with love and affection.

Within a few days, he transformed into a completely different dog.

He loved going to the beach and playing in the sand. His fur also began to improve.

However, his foster parents were going back to New York and couldn’t keep Crumb.

After a month and a half of being in foster care, he met his new mom, Linda, at the beach. It was love at first sight.

She shared that he didn’t know how to play or cuddle when she got him. However, he learned how to play with her other dog, Willow. Soon, he was completely at home with Linda.

Linda shares that Crumb now has got an extra spring in his step.

“I think he thinks he’s the man. He’s got this trot, like, look at me guys, I’m not a dump dog anymore,” Linda said.

You can tell in the video that Crumb’s coat has vastly improved and that he loves to run and play.

From mangy stray to a well-loved pet, Crumb is a completely new dog.

Luckily, he found people who truly cared for him and didn’t give up on him. Crumb’s story shows that a little love and affection have a deep impact on dogs that have never experienced them before.

We can only hope that all stray dogs are adopted by caring families. If you are thinking of getting a pet dog, please consider adoption. This way, you’ll save a dog’s life and get a lifelong friend in return.

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