1 week after adopting pit bull dog wakes owner in middle of night then leads her to young son’s room

Pets are lifesavers in their unique way.

Some are trained to be one, while others have the sharpest of senses to help when the need arises.

But this wasn’t expected of this dog named Brutus in Oklahoma.

Brutus is a pit bull with a past as he was left abandoned by his previous owners.

The neighborhood noticed him behind a fence.

They found the house still full of belongings, with dog food scattered over the floor.

They later learned his previous owner left him because she had to move.

The dog was left all alone.

Saved by the community

James Chris John lived next door and noticed that Brutus had been barking loudly for quite a while.

He checked up on him when he found out that the dog was alone.

He called Unchain Oklahoma, a nearby animal shelter.

Melanie Parkins came to the rescue and took Brutus with her.

She and her husband, Ken, realized that he wasn’t trained and didn’t learn how to socialize with his owners.

This could make it difficult for him to get adopted.

Getting ready for his fur-ever home

Melanie and Ken loved Brutus and knew he would benefit more if they found him a forever home. So, the couple made it a point to get him ready for adoption.

The couple worked with him several hours a day for a year and a half, and even in just six months of training, they knew he was something special.

However, they wondered why nobody wanted to adopt him.

He was gentle, obedient, and very skilled, too. Little did they know that he was meant to be with a family that needed him most.

Brutus saves Jason

Amber didn’t know what a blessing it would be for their family when they adopted Brutus.

This once-abandoned dog showed his new family what he’s made of on his first week with them.

The family was sleeping soundly that night when Brutus kept bumping Amber’s face, prompting her to wake up.

He ran to Jason’s room, Amber’s son, for what could be the biggest life-saving thing he could have done.

Amber was shocked to see her son.

Her son has a seizure disorder, and Brutus was like an angel saving them every time.

At one point, this pittie could sense when Jason needed help.

“Brutus went into the bedroom, grabbed him (Jason) by his shirt collar, pulled him up, and started barking until we got there to him,” Amber added.

Certified therapy dog

Did you think Brutus was already a therapy dog when he did all those?

I won’t be shocked if you assumed that. Surprisingly, he did not have any therapy dog training.

However, the family got him trained and certified to be a therapy dog.

This also opened more opportunities and avenues for him when he later worked in nursing homes in Southeastern Oklahoma.

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