Husband can’t contain joy when wife brings home sweetest rescue pittie

Because of Espy’s upbringing, she never knew that dogs were supposed to be loved and cherished by their families.

The poor pup was used for breeding. It is believed that she had a litter no less than six months ago.

And when her owner could no longer handle the breeding of dogs and properly care for them, it turned into a hoarding situation.

She was rescued along with 21 other dogs and brought to the Austin Animal Shelter.

Espy was terrified and malnourished when she was brought in.

But that didn’t stop her true personality from shining. Once she realized she was in the care of people who loved her, Espy was exceedingly affectionate.

“She was willing to come up to me and she gave me a couple of kissed. I filled out adoption papers right away,” her mom Morgan said.

She sent her husband a text at work saying, “Look what I did.”

But her husband Allen was far from mad. And Morgan knew that Espy would make the perfect addition to her household, which was also home to a smaller dog.

Espy immediately fit into her new surroundings.

She climbed right up on their couch and took a cozy snooze knowing she was officially home.

Espy’s newfound joy filled her with energy. She loves to jump all over her parents and cover them in kisses.

Even though Morgan isn’t a fan of soggy face licks, she still loves Espy and lets her get a few in.

She is loved and adored by everyone in her new home. Some might even call her a daddy’s girl.

“I always call her my little baked potato,” Allen said. “Her ears are so funny they kind of like stick out to the side and when she runs, they bounce. I can’t see a world without her.”

But Morgan says that she’s definitely a mommy’s girl. Espy can always sense when mom is getting upset. Even before mom does.

Espy is quick to cuddle up against mom and help center her so she can shake off those negative feelings.

She’s always ready to lie down with mom and cuddle.

Espy is a super expressive pup. You can always tell how she’s feeling by the look on her face or her ears.

Especially when she plays frisbee. She absolutely LOVES her frisbee. “Frisbee is life,” according to her Instagram page.

She also loves playing with her sister and hanging out with her boyfriend, Smoke.

Espy is doing well but still adjusting to her new life. Before she moved in, she had never lived in a house and didn’t understand how to walk through doorways.

Sometimes her parents still have to carry her. But they don’t mind. They are dedicated to giving her the best life possible.

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