Hopeful Rescue: Abandoned Puppy with Heartbreaking Plea – “Unlucky Puppy – Help Me!”

 The dejected dog is curled up next to a rock, yet she has her gaze fixed on the far side of the road. when the owner has already departed and is never coming back to get her.

When she noticed the puppy here abandoned, a neighbor called me. She was scared of dogs therefore she dared not approach. The puppy has been abandoned here since early in the morning, and despite asking many neighbors, nobody seems to know anything about her.

Most likely, she was left behind by a stranger who had tied her to the stone. Because they feared that would pursue them and follow them back to their house. The puppy is in wonderful health, but she needs to be washed up because her body smells awful. She adores it and is having fun. Following our posting of images of the abandoned dog

accompanied by the phrase “Unlucky Puppy – Help Me!”

Inquiring about her ownef on social media, thousands of users expressed shock and anger! Dogs have always been a man’s best friend; they stand by us, watch over us, and share in all of our pleasures and sorrows on a daily basis. So there’s no need to refer to them as “Unlucky Dog” and ignore them!

That behavior is very wrong and reprehensible! Please get in touch with us if you have any information about that dishonest owner. If you have any information about her! Justice must always be served, and we are working hard to identify the offender. to prosecute them and bring them to justice!

Please aid us in spreading this video!

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