Heartbreaking Ordeal: Dog’s Broken Spirit After Adoption Falls Through, Leads Him to Stare at a Wall All Day

When the homeless bulldog was pulled from the street for the first time in March, he was a gentle and happy man. The staff at the Philadelphia asylum believed that this handsome and well-behaved boy would soon find his forever home. But the residence quickly became a nightmare in March.

March wasn’t wont to living in confined kennels surrounded by other sacred animals waiting to be adopted. This caused him mental damage, and his sparks began to weaken. However, the most important blow for him was getting rejected by a family that had promised to adopt him, simply because he wasn’t as “playful” as they expected him to be.

When he learned that the family who adopted him eventually cancelled the adoption and sent him back to the shelter, March was destroyed. After finding himself back in his cold doghouse, March looked visibly defeated and depressed. He stared pitifully at the wall, curled up lazily in a corner, refusing to interact with anyone.

When a regional news reporter named Dawn Timmeney heard about March, she decided to share his heartbreaking story on social media. The haunting pictures of March’s downcast kennel stance garnered immense attention in the community – which changed the lifetime of this gloomy boy forever!

Within 3 days of Dawn’s social media endeavor, a rescue came forward to need in March before his kill list turn was due. ItThis is a rare moment of victory, because March allowed his freedom to run out of the shelter!

TThe new rescue may be a non-killing organization, it will take care of March until he finds his eternal family.

While March’s story culminates on an optimistic note, there are many shelter dogs who get put down because they’re unable to adopt or find homes in time.

Let’s do our part and become the voice for these unfortunate souls. Spread the word. Click on the video below to watch how March’s picture as a depressed dog bailed him out when he was too sad to face the planet .

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