Fashionable and Friendly: Dog Wears Bow Tie Everywhere, Spreading Love to Dispel Fear

Rome, the German shepherd, is 5 years old and he enjoys traveling with his family. He’s a big fan of the water and the great outdoors, and his parents first noticed that others were afraid of him when he started running ahead of them on the trails.

Compared to other German shepherds of the same age, Rome is about half a foot taller, which can be intimidating. In his experience, his family has learned that some people are terrified of German shepherds because of the misconception that they are a “dangerous” breed. However, Rome has always been a benevolent power.

‘He is the original baby of our family,’ Rome’s mother Mercedes Provost told The Dodo. He’s very warm and affectionate. Rome is great with our 9-month-old kid, who adores playing with Rome’s tail, and also adores other dogs.

While on the trail, Provost witnessed people asking Rome if he was friendly while simultaneously backing away from him. This made her worried that he would run into individuals along the way before the rest of his family had caught up. She had been looking for a solution for a while and happened upon one by accident.

“I saw it at Target and thought it would look fantastic on him,” Provost said. I was shocked to find out how many people agreed with me.

When Rome first started wearing his bow tie in public, he noticed a change in how people responded to him. It was his bow tie, not his size, that caught their eye, and this helped them see what a goofy, lovely dog he really is.

Almost everyone compliments it positively, Provost continued.

The bow tie and the cute tiny satchel are now permanent fixtures on Rome’s attire. In his bright and welcoming costumes, he becomes the friendly giant his family has always known him to be.

This enormous, loving animal may now go on as many vacations as he likes with his family, and he can confidently approach strangers to receive petting and affection.

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