Stray Cat Becomes Best Friends With A Girl In A Wheelchaire

These two were a purrrrfect match! 😻

Cat Man Chris, the Crazy Cat Guy, dedicates his life to helping stray and feral cats but when he helped this abandoned kitty, he unknowingly would be helping a little girl in a wheelchair.

It all started when he was feeding a colony of feral cats. A pretty white cat with blue eyes showed up hungry. The cat didn’t seem to be the typical feral cat so Chris assumed it had been abandoned by some people living in the apartments nearby.

The cat began to show up more often so Chris tried to befriend it. He fed the hungry kitty and even brought it catnip, which the cat really loved. At this point Chris realized what a cool little cat it was and decided to try to trap it and find it a home.

He set up a carrier with catnip and food and for a few days tried to lure the kitty inside. The cat wasn’t totally willing at first but after some pets and a lot of patience, after a few days, he had no trouble helping the kitty into the carrier.

He took the cat to the Suncoast Animal League to see if it had a microchip and get an exam by a vet. He didn’t have a chip but the sweet kitty quickly made himself at home and became a favorite of the staff.

The cat especially loved sitting in laps and soon the animal league found the purrrfect new home! A young girl named Kiley Richy was in a wheelchair and looking for the perfect cat for quite some time. The kitty was not scared of Kiley’s electric wheelchair and loved nothing more than loving on the girl.

Nothing makes this kitty happier than to be close to Kiley and the feeling is mutual. He loves to sit on her lap, help her on the computer, lick her toes, and even hide in her shirt.

The two of them are so happy together and it warms our hearts that this special cat found such a special home. This cat truly is one the coolest cats ever. Please share this sweet story with your family and friends.

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