Cat Thrown From Moving Car Can’t Stop Kissing His New Mom

When this beautiful ginger kitty met his new mom, he was so happy that he showered her in hugs and kisses.

Meet Honeycake the cat!


Honeycake had a very bad start in life. He had survived being thrown from a moving car in a garbage bag.

How anyone could be so mean is completely beyond me.

Luckily he was found by a good samaritan who took him to a nearby shelter.


However, Honeycake sat at the shelter waiting for somebody to adopt him, but nobody put in an application for him and unfortunately the shelter didn’t have a no-kill policy.

This meant the shelter had a deadline for the ginger kitty that had already gone through so much.


When Michigan Cat Rescue, which has a no-kill policy, heard of his plight, they stepped in and came to his rescue.

Honeycake got a second chance at life.

And it wasn’t too long before that special person came along and wanted to adopt him into his forever home.


As soon as Renee saw a Honeycake she knew that he was a cat for her.

This patient kitty was so excited when he realised he was being adopted, he could not stop hugging and kissing his new mom.


Renee renamed him Finnegan and the pair soon bonded. She said now he will receive nothing but loads of hugs and kisses.

Finnegan is now leading a wonderful life in his forever home.


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