Baby giraffe melts millions of hearts meeting dad for the first time

Family moments are always precious.

Sadly, not everyone is given the chance to experience it. That’s why many people are willing to do everything to be able to spend time with their families.

After all, none of us would ever trade these priceless moments for anything.

This is also the case when it comes to some animals.

There are animals that have close family ties. This includes elephants, chimpanzees, and emperor penguins. On the other hand, there are also other animals that are opposite. Giraffe is one of them.

According to Giraffe Worlds, giraffes “do not have strong social ties like other animal species.” However, mothers have a strong bond with their offspring.

You will see this in the touching video down below.

What’s even more amazing about it is the mother giraffe made sure that her baby would have a special moment with its father as they were meeting for the first time.

The mother is seen watching from the side while the father giraffe sweetly approached their little one.

It seems that the father was guaranteeing that the young giraffe would feel his love.

He unhesitatingly kissed it a couple of times. Then, the mother giraffe approached the two of them.

She then went straight to the father giraffe and gave him a sweet kiss. It was another heartwarming moment.

In the latter part of the video, the mom made sure to make the baby feel loved.

She did so by kissing him and it definitely says it all. It is safe to say that the mother and father giraffe love their baby so much.

Even though the video is only 36 seconds long, it indeed has the power to make someone’s day.

No wonder why it has already been viewed over 70,000 times on YouTube.

Many people also left heartfelt remarks in the comments section. Most of them said they were so moved by the family of giraffes in the video below.

One commenter even described it as “precious” and I couldn’t agree more.

“The interaction between each other in this giraffe family is so precious.”

Another commenter made comparison between the heartwarming moment and how humans show their love for their families.

“This is just like in a human family, mom stands to the side while dad meets his baby. Then mom joins them, kisses dad and check if the little one is okay.”

There’s also a commenter who expressed appreciation for the mommy giraffe.

“Love the Mom! She didn’t take her eyes off them for one second! He gave the baby a kiss. Then Mom comes over, and they now to each other and kiss! What GREAT parents!”

We’re certain that the video below warmed your heart as well.

Isn’t it great if humans could express their love for one another in the same way that this family of giraffes does?

Life is short. Therefore, don’t waste any time showing your loved ones how much they mean to you.

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