Untapped Classic Gem: Restore the Glory! 1947 Lincoln Continental Cabriolet Project

Prepare to embark on a journey back in time with a truly remarkable classic car find: the 1947 Lincoln Continental Cabriolet. As one of the most iconic and enduring nameplates in automotive history, the Continental has captivated enthusiasts for decades. Originally handcrafted as a luxurious masterpiece, this particular model, listed on eBay from Niagara Falls, New York, has the potential to regain its prestigious “Full Classic” status with the Classic Car Club of America. While it may require some restoration work, the starting bid of $16,000 presents a golden opportunity for passionate collectors. Special thanks to T.J. for uncovering this elegant gem!

Under the hood of this beauty resides a formidable 292 cu. in. L head V12 engine, delivering a respectable 125 hp, accompanied by a three-speed manual transmission. Back in the post-war era, Lincoln stood alone as the sole manufacturer offering a V12 powerplant. However, Cadillac, with its 150 hp V8, overshadowed the exotic appeal of the Continental. This car has already undergone significant mechanical refurbishment, including new brake components, a rebuilt carburetor, a new generator, and a new radiator. While it has been in storage since 2021, the car ran smoothly until then. Although some minor attention is needed for the wiper motor and the missing air cleaner assembly, a prospective buyer can revive its roadworthiness with a thorough inspection. The odometer reading of just over 59,000 miles is claimed to be original.

While the front interior remains in decent condition, the rear seats tell a different tale, exhibiting signs of wear and tear. The canvas top also requires attention, displaying a tear and an incomplete installation. Nonetheless, the car boasts complete chrome trim, new tires, and includes fender skirts. Furthermore, the hydraulic lifters for the top mechanism have been replaced, ensuring smooth operation. The stunning front end showcases intricate detailing, departing from the aerodynamic design of its pre-war predecessor. The wide fenders elegantly flare away from the hood line, while the robust grille exudes an aura of strength compared to the delicate horizontal lines of the ’42 version. The rear proudly exhibits the distinctive “continental kit” with the spare tire nestled against the trunk. In 1947, a limited production run of only 738 Continental cabriolets was produced, distinguishing them from the standard convertibles, often referred to as Zephyrs. Although the value of 1940s cars has seen a decline, this rare example failed to find a buyer at $32,000, while a remarkable black version sold for a mere $34,000. With its abundance of sheet metal, chrome accents, and leather upholstery, restoring this low-mileage Continental won’t come cheap.

Now, the question arises: what should a discerning buyer be willing to pay for the opportunity to restore this time-honored Continental to its former glory? With its undeniable charm and potential for greatness, this project car beckons to those who appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship of a bygone era. As the values of classic cars from the 1940s continue to fluctuate, determining the right price requires careful consideration. Will this low-mileage Continental find a passionate enthusiast who recognizes its worth and is willing to invest in its revival? The answer lies in the hands of an adventurous collector with a vision and a passion for preserving automotive history.

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