Unbelievable Find! 14k-Mile Survivor: 1980 Pontiac Grand Prix LJ

Prepare to be amazed by this extraordinary discovery: a 1980 Pontiac Grand Prix LJ with an astonishingly low mileage of only 14,000 miles in over four decades! This iconic personal luxury car from the fifth generation is currently up for sale on eBay, located in Mazomanie, Wisconsin. Despite the downsized and boxy appearance of the fifth-generation Grand Prix, finding a survivor in such remarkable condition is truly cause for celebration. The owner is asking for $19,900, but there’s an opportunity to submit your best offer and make this rare gem yours.

Acquired from the second owner who had been its caretaker since 1981, this Grand Prix has had very few transfers of ownership. Remarkably, the car has been spared from winter driving since its first year on the road and has mostly been stored inside a garage, with some occasional time spent outdoors. As a result, the original Agate Red paint has retained its surprisingly good condition, despite the era’s less-than-stellar factory finishes. The padded white vinyl top is also in good shape, although the plastic filler around the bumpers shows signs of deterioration. While the Honeycomb wheels may have been borrowed from a Firebird, the brand new Radial T/As add to the overall appeal.

Under the hood, the top offering for the 1980 Grand Prix LJ was Pontiac’s 301 with a 4-Barrel carburetor, and this particular car is equipped with it. Although the drivetrain is all original, the low mileage resulted in a prolonged period of sitting, spanning 20 years. The seller has recently performed maintenance tasks, including rebuilding the Quadrajet, cleaning the fuel system, and installing new plugs and wires. As a result, the car now runs well, and the automatic transmission shifts like new.

As an LJ model, this Grand Prix boasts an array of options, including power windows, a clock, and a rear window defroster—features that have become standard in most modern cars but were considered luxurious during that era. The interior appears to be well-preserved, and overall, this 1980 Grand Prix LJ is an impressive sight. However, potential buyers might hesitate to invest nearly $20,000 in a car of this vintage. What are your thoughts?

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