Untouched Time Capsule: 1978 Ford Mustang Cobra II Emerges from Decades of Hibernation!

Prepare to be amazed as an iconic piece of automotive history resurfaces – a 1978 Ford Mustang Cobra II, complete with its coveted Cobra badges. Despite the mixed reception the Mustang II initially received, the allure of this legendary pony car remains undiminished. Even when clad in the classic combination of a white body adorned with blue stripes, which have become synonymous with the muscle car aesthetic, the Cobra II continues to captivate enthusiasts. This particular example ticks all the right boxes, featuring the sought-after pairing of a 302 V8 engine and a four-speed manual transmission. With a mere 55,000 original miles on the clock, this remarkable find is currently listed for sale on Long Island for $16,000.

Captured in the listing photos with Maine license plates and a glimpse of an elderly gentleman in the background, it’s evident that the current seller likely acquired this Mustang Cobra II for a fraction of its current asking price. This era of Mustangs has faced criticism from enthusiasts over the years, dampening their market value. However, equipped with the potent 302 engine, these cars delivered respectable performance. As the seller highlights, finding a Cobra II configured with the 302 V8 and the four-speed manual transmission is a rare occurrence, making this discovery even more remarkable. According to the Marti report, only 327 Cobra IIs were produced in this distinctive color scheme, with an even smaller number featuring this specific combination of colors and drivetrain.

Despite residing in Maine, the body of this Cobra II is reported to be in impressive condition, with minor paint chips being the only notable blemishes. Imagining the transformation this car could undergo with a meticulous detailing job, perhaps by renowned experts like AMMO NYC, is truly exciting. Remarkably, the interior remains in excellent shape despite having been parked since 1991, exhibiting all the characteristics of a low-mileage gem. While the long-term storage has undoubtedly preserved its overall condition, the potential impact on mechanical systems over the years raises some questions. However, the seller assures potential buyers that the Cobra II starts effortlessly, with all systems functioning as intended.

In the past, many Cobra II models were stripped for their powerful 302 engines, as well as suspension components and other compatible parts for various Ford vehicles. Thus, encountering an intact and authentic Cobra II like this has become a rarity in today’s automotive landscape. Witnessing the original decals and plates still present under the hood adds to the car’s authenticity and historical significance. Although the seller hasn’t undertaken an extensive restoration, plans to clean the fuel system by dropping the gas tank are in the works. Additionally, this Cobra II boasts a factory air conditioning system, further elevating its desirability. While the asking price may initially seem steep, there could be room for negotiation, making this exceptional time capsule a unique opportunity for Mustang enthusiasts and collectors alike.

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