Talking crow with thick Yorkshire accent asks “Y’alright, love?” to everyone who walks by

Parrots are not the only species of bird that can talk.

Surprisingly, crows can too.

By using their syrinx, crows can also mimic sounds or words that they often hear.

Even though crows are not as domesticated as parrots, they can still be good at copying human speech without any mutilating.

That being said, let’s meet Mourdour.

Far from what many people think regarding these birds being an omen of death, the handsome crow in this video doesn’t possess such a dark aura.

He wanders around the streets of North Yorkshire, England.

Just like any other bird, Mourdour also hangs around the populous town with hopes of stumbling upon crumbs or anything edible.

One day, Lisa and Mark Brooks were on a trip to Knaresborough Castle when they spotted the talking crow.

She couldn’t help but capture a video of the chatty bird and shared it online.

Mourdour became an internet star.

Lisa captioned the video by saying, “I like videoing wildlife and had spent the morning videoing squirrels and other birds. I wandered over to the crow and just heard this faint call of ‘y’alright love.’”

In fact, he wasn’t just randomly talking to people, he was checking on people walking on the street by saying it in a strong Yorkshire accent.

Although there,s no telling how long the crow has been around the area, it pretty much looks like he’s picked up the locals’ accent.

A head-turner and instant celebrity.

When people ask him the same, he gives everyone the assurance that he’s fine by saying, “I’m alright, I’m alright, I’m alright.”

Apart from his Yorkshire accent, thoughtfulness, and ability to talk, another unique feature that he has is his color.

He’s black and white.

In fact, Mourdour’s video cracked the internet and it even made it to news channels like the Daily Mail, Guardian News, and SWNS.

This talking crow didn’t just become the talk of the town, but of the entire globe.

Are crows really that smart?

Just like jays and ravens, crows also belong to a group of birds called ‘corvids.’

They spend a lot of time under their parents’ wings which explains how corvids like crows possess such a level of intelligence.

According to Science, “Corvids are large, big-brained birds that often live in intimate social groups of related and unrelated individuals. They are known to be intelligent—capable of using tools, recognizing human faces, and even understanding physics—and some researchers believe crows may rival apes for smarts.”

So, where’d he learn the question?

If crows actually mimic human speech, then it’s really intriguing where he picked up that phrase from.

Perhaps, Mourdour once belonged to a kind owner who’d always ask him if he was alright.

It may be just plain fun and amazing to some, but for people who are going through a rough day, Mourdour’s question is important.

Especially, now that mental health is becoming a serious issue, someone asking how your day is going will definitely lift your spirits, don’t you agree?

Asking a family member, a friend, or a colleague, “Y’alright Love?”, could really mean a lot.

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