Heroic Yorkie fends off coyote to save her 10-year-old owner

This is the incredible moment a fearless Yorkie put her life on the line, to save her human friend from a coyote attack. The dramatic scene happened on the street of a residential neighborhood in Toronto and it was caught on a surveillance camera!

Macy, a 6-year-old Yorkie mix is part of Dorothy Kwan’s family since she was just a puppy. A rescue, the tiny dog was always friendly and gentle with everyone, but she always shared a special bond with the 10-year-old daughter, Lily. Though, she’s a frail and tender pup, Macy was always extremely protective with her human sister; always ready to give her life for her, if necessary! Recently, she even proved it!


Earlier this week, Lily and Macy were walking down the streets of their neighborhood in Scarborough, Toronto, when all of a sudden a coyote started to chase them. Extremely scared, the 10-year-old dropped Macy’s leash and run for her life screaming. Surprisingly, instead of following her owner, the tiny dog just stepped up to protect her and eventually succeed it!


The brave dog literally fought with the wild coyote and her efforts paid off as she somehow managed to fend it off. The clash left some pretty serious wounds on Macy, though. But thanks to her bravery, both Lily and her are safe now! Remarkable, even injured, the fearless dog continued to bark until the coyote lost its way.


“She’s a super brave dog; I love her so much,” Lily told reporters. “I just thought, this tiny dog could protect this huge human being, trying to fight off this huge coyote.”

The girl’s mom said she’ll always be grateful to her dog for protecting Lily in such a way. “Even after she was seriously injured, she continued to bark and chase the coyote away,” Dorothy told blogTO. “She fought back.”

Watch the incredible moment, here:

Due to her serious injuries, the heroic dog was immediately taken to a vet and put in an intensive care unit. According to the vets, she will fully recover soon to get back to her beloved family. “She received extensive injuries to her body and leg,” Dorothy wrote on a GoFundMe page.”She is undergoing surgery for her wounds at the emergency animal hospital.”

Though this incredible story has a happy ending, Dorothy said she was in tears when found out what happened, especially when she saw Macy seriously injured. “My heart is breaking for both my little one and our dog whom we rescued 5 years ago,” the woman said. “I’m a single mom of two and my children and our dog mean everything to me.”


Shortly after the incident, Dorothy started a GoFundMe page with the hope to raise some money for Macy’s treatments. Surprisingly, the world wanted to reward this kindhearted dog for her bravery and in a couple of days more than $25,000 have been raised, doubling the initial goal.

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