Resurrected Classic: Unveiling the Afterlife of the 1983 Avanti II!

Prepare to witness the extraordinary afterlife journey of the iconic Studebaker Avanti—a car that refused to fade into oblivion. Born out of financial struggles and revived multiple times, the Avanti’s legacy endured from 1965 to 2006. Now, a captivating 1983 Avanti II emerges, parked in a Pennsylvania lot, its tires deflated and interior possibly damaged. Priced at $10,000, this tantalizing “tinkerer’s dream” is waiting to be revitalized in Harrisburg. Our deep appreciation goes to Mitchell G. for unveiling this remarkable project car!

Originally envisioned as Studebaker’s saving grace with its fiberglass body and opulent features, the Avanti faced an unfortunate demise when production ceased in 1963. However, two Studebaker dealers saw the potential for the Avanti to thrive independently. They acquired the name and manufacturing capabilities, giving rise to the Avanti II in 1965. Over the next four decades, these meticulously handcrafted vehicles would boast production numbers approaching 6,000, reminiscent of their predecessor’s glory.

The Avanti II being offered by the seller is a true rarity, one of only 289 units assembled in 1983 under the original owners of Avanti Motor Co. Sporting a robust Monte Carlo chassis and possibly housing a 305 cubic inch V8 engine, this automotive gem could bring back the thrill of the road. While the available photos exclude glimpses of its power source and interior, it’s essential to note that the car should feature a TH-350 automatic transmission rather than a manual, as stated by the seller. However, with weathered tires and a leaky sunroof, the extent of required restoration remains a mystery waiting to be unraveled. Nevertheless, the utilization of readily available GM components should ease the mechanical revival. Clocking in at over 120,000 miles of use, this Avanti II bears the mark of a storied past.

Venturing into the realm of automotive resurrection, the 1983 Avanti II beckons aspiring restorers and collectors alike. Beyond the deflated tires and potential interior challenges lies the promise of a captivating journey to revive a true American classic. With its unique blend of history and availability of GM parts, the restoration process holds great potential. So, seize the opportunity and embrace the allure of the Avanti II, a timeless icon awaiting its glorious return to the open road!

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