Rescue dog waits in driveway every single day for dad to come home

All it took was a smile for Sadie to win over her dad Tim.

But when she flashed those chompers at him, he fell in love.

Tim is a mine inspector and first came across his dog Sadie at the guard check of one of the mines he would attend to.

She was very skittish around people, but she wasn’t scared of Tim.

“One day she showed her teeth and smiled. I just got out or my truck, walked to the pasture, started to open the door, and said, ‘Get in,’” Tim said.

“And she go in with me and I brought her home and she’s been home ever since.”

Sadie has become so attached to Tim that she waits for him all day to come home.

She lies in the driveway just waiting for his truck to pull in.

Every single afternoon she can sense that her dad will be on his way soon.

You’ll also find her plopped down at the end of the driveway during this time.

“When she sees his truck, she just starts prancing around and she takes off running,” Sadie’s mom Sara said.

“She waits for him to back into the driveway and meets him at the truck. She’ll run around the house and she’s just excited.”

Sadie loves to present dad with gifts when he comes home so she always brings her toys and tries to get him to play with her.

When dad is outside, she never leaves his side and will just run around while staying close to him.

When Tim is home, Sadie is calm. She doesn’t have to wait anymore. Her guy is already home.

Sadie also has siblings in her new home.

There’s another lab who is a bit older, so Sadie can’t really play with him a whole lot.

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