Owner films horses peacefully snoring and farting in the barn

We all know animals have their crazy antics. We often see videos of dogs and cats with all their weird yet cute animal behavior. However, it’s not just common among these two well-loved domesticated pets.

Other animals have these funny behaviors, too. Maybe we haven’t seen many of these because we’re not exposed to them as much. But when we see their inner crazy, we cannot help but be amused!

This video of horses sleeping went viral not because of how they sleep but because of the sounds they make. People went loco and had so many puns and jokes to say about these adorable creatures.

How do Horses Sleep?

You might think horses sleep like any other animal – lying down for long hours. But, no. You’ll be surprised how.

Horses are neither diurnal nor nocturnal and don’t sleep like humans for six to eight hours. They sleep whenever they need to, and it could be any time of the day, mostly in only a short span.

Another fascinating thing about how horses sleep is that they prefer to stand rather than lie on the ground. Their legs are made to support their entire weight, carrying it all while they are asleep. Lying on the ground can harm their internal organs, though not always. More so, lying down while sleeping means a big thing for them since they only do so when they trust you.

Weird Noises While Asleep

Author, artist, and animal communicator Liz Mitten Ryan posted a video of her horses sleeping. Some were on the ground, enjoying the warm hay because they trusted Liz. But that wasn’t the reason why this video reached 23 million views.

In the video, her horses were making weird and funny sounds in their sleep. Some were snoring (as you could expect from anybody sleeping), while the others groaned and even farted. It’s the farting sound that had people laughing and joking around in the comments section.

“This is Me” and Other Comments

As it turned out, people found this video very much relatable. Who doesn’t snore and fart in their sleep, right? This video brought so many random funny comments from people saying the horses were acting as they do.

Some said the horses were like them when they came home after a day’s work, while others said the video reminded them of what it was like staying in their grandparents’ house. Others just found it funny when animals farted.

A user also wondered why the video appeared in their recommendations, but wouldn’t we know the answer? They probably viewed or searched some farting videos! Who knows!

Common Sounds Horses Make

According to experts, there are eight common sounds that horses make. These are neigh, snort, squeal, nicker, roar, scream, sigh, and groan. You can refer to this article because they also included some videos, so you would know it is real.

While groaning is a common noise a horse makes, farting and snoring aren’t as normal, though not impossible. This video proved that.

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