Orphaned baby hedgehogs find comfort in unlikely cat mom

Unlikely human beings, animals seem to have an incredible sense on affection, especially for those in need. Surprisingly, these instincts went beyond their species, and not just once. But as we got used, when comes to helping a living being in desperate need of help, animals never cease to amaze. This time a caring mother cat stepped in to save eight hopeless baby hedgehogs.

FACEBOOK/Ouest France

Unfortunately for these tiny little creatures, they lost their mum, shortly after birth. But their help came where they expected the less. Born at the Sadgorod Zoo in Vladivostok, Russia, the hedgehog babies were struggling to stay alive after losing their mom, and the staff was running out of time.

They initially bottle feed them, but it did not worked. The hedgehogs needed a mother’s warm and comfort to survive. It is when they decided to present the orphan babies to Musya – a very caring cat. Unexpectedly, the selfless feline instantly adopted the eight babies, just as they were her own kittens.

FACEBOOK/Ouest France

“After the eight babies were left without a mother, they was in deep trouble,” Alyona Asnovina, the zoo’s deputy director said. “They didn’t eat on their own. After two days, the hedgehogs were becoming hungry.”

FACEBOOK/Ouest France

Fortunately, Musya was still producing milk as she had fostered some orphaned kittens not long before, so she quickly became the adoptive mother for these little souls. Soon they have been introduced to the cat, the hedgehog babies acted like Musya was their very own mom. Isn’t Mother Nature surprising in the cutest possible ways?

You can watch this very unlikely family, bellow!

“Literally, after a couple of seconds they approached the cat, they understood at once what to do, having felt her warmth and the smell of milk,” Alyona said. “Surprisingly, the cat also understood instantly what was expected of her. She lay down and fortunately, the hedgehogs began to nurse.”

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