Meet Yana, The Cat With A Double Colored Face And Unique Fur Pattern

You don’t see cats like this every day.
Animals are very unique since most of them have really beautiful patterns or stripes on their bodies signifying that abstract art can look really pretty, not only on artboards but bodies too. Nature has its weird ways of showing off its beauty, and it displays most of it through the animal world. You get to see exotic and beautiful animals on discovery channels, but sometimes, you can come across a living miracle in front of you as well. If you have a cat at home who has patterns on his/her body, chances are that your cat is a living, breathing, and walking piece of art. Most of the time, you will come across cats with different eye colors, which is called heterochromia, which is also very unique and rare in other animals. While some animals have beautiful eyes, some have amazing fur patterns that take our breaths away. You don’t get to see things like that every day. One can say that it’s nature’s way of surprising us because you will never see an animal share the exact same patterns on another animal.

So today we came across Yana. A chimeric feline that literally has a double-coloured face. Yana is a very unique cat and her face is something you only see in comic books.

You’ve never seen a cat like this.

Yana bleping is all that you need to see today.

It is said that before Yana’s birth, her parents must’ve run out of colour, and hence her having such a beautiful face. I guess God tried an ink experiment with this little one. Back in July 2016, A website by the name of Nasha Niva, Bellarussia posted an Ad that included Yana, as she was given up by her previous owner. Now it is hard to figure out that why would someone give such an amazing kitty away but that is something, unfortunately, people do. Just look at her! I would keep and protect her with all my life!

She stands out like an art piece.

Yana, to no one’s surprise, was adopted immediately afterwards by Elizabeth who is an architecture and design student from Orsha, Belarus. She is majoring at the National Technical University of Minsk. Elizabeth felt a connection with Yana and we can’t blame her and hence they’ve both been sticking around ever since.

Look at how peacefully she sleeps now!

Yana, the unique and beautiful flower.

Her fur patterns really are mesmserising.

She is also a very adventurous kitty!

What a sight to see.

Now I want a cat with dual colours too.

Yana is now an Internet celebrity and she has her own Instagram page by the name of Yanatwofacecat, where she shares her everyday day adventures and gives updates on her life.

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