Meet Tiny Maine coon kittens so Fluffy and Handsome (VIDEO)

This is the first one of the videos I have watched of yours. Your Maine Coons are beautiful ❤️😍

😍❤️. I have one myself as well as two tabbies. My Maine Coon Mr. West I call him has the most interesting personality. I will continue viewing your videos very well edited.

What a beautiful family of furry babies. They are so gorgeous and I like the diversity of their coats. Daddy brings gifts and 5 minutes later the stuffs are dead . Well done babies you are so brave. They definitely didn’t expect the toys to actually run towards them did they?? lol The curiosity and furrowed brows made me laugh. The cats know the difference between play and prey and this toy certainly got confusing to them. Love them! Thank you for sharing them with us.

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