Hidden Rarity Unveiled: Discover the 1976 Checker A-12E Limo!

When you think of Checkers, the iconic taxicabs that ruled the streets of cities like New York in the ’60s and ’70s may come to mind. But did you know that there was also a limousine version of this beloved car? Enter the Checker A-12E Marathon Limousine—a lesser-known gem that’s worth exploring. Thanks to T.J.’s keen eye, we’ve unearthed one of these extraordinary vehicles tucked away in Loganville, Georgia. You can now seize the opportunity to own this vintage beauty, available for $15,000 on Facebook Marketplace.

While the ’76 Checker sales brochure mentions the limo variant, it provides little detail other than stating that the A-12E offers the classic dimensions of a limousine without the ostentation or expense. This particular Marathon model boasts an elongated 129″ wheelbase, complemented by a vinyl roof covering. It features a modified C-pillar with opera windows, eliminating the rear quarter windows typically seen on the Marathon, and instead, adding a jumpseat. The majority of its appearance resembles the familiar yellow Checkers seen on the streets, but with slightly wider rear doors and a subtly different roofline. Unfortunately, information on this model is scarce.

According to the listing, this limousine claims a remarkably low mileage of only 39,000 miles. Under the hood, you can expect to find a first-year, 140 net HP, Chevrolet 305 CI V8 engine, paired with a GM Turbo-Hydramatic 400 automatic transmission that connects to a Dana 44 rear axle. While the listing doesn’t disclose its performance, the combination of power and reliability from these components promises a satisfying driving experience.

Step inside, and you’ll find a rather modest interior for a limousine. The black vinyl arrangement features simple, no-frills seats, basic carpeting, and generic-looking door panels. The steering wheel and column resemble those found in mid-’70s Chevrolets, while the instrument panel retains the classic Checker design—minimalistic yet functional. Despite its simplicity, the interior remains in excellent condition, further validating the low mileage claim.

Conclusion: Determining the exact production numbers for this limousine variant is a challenge, but it’s worth noting that only twelve were reportedly assembled in Checker’s final production year of 1982. This unique find stands out as a rare treasure in exceptional condition. While it may not be the everyday driver of choice, it holds great potential as a memorable wedding, prom, or night-on-the-town limousine. Experience the proportions of a limousine without excessive ostentation with this extraordinary Checker A-12E Limo!

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