Hidden Gem Unveiled: Uncover the Modest Charm of a 1964 Ford Falcon Coupe!


Prepare to be amazed by a hidden automotive gem that has been quietly stored away in a garage for years. Thanks to the sharp eye of Mitchell G., we bring you this 1964 Ford Falcon located in Middle Grove, New York, eagerly awaiting a new owner. The best part? You can own this charming piece of history for an asking price of just $8,750.

While the Falcon lineup offered various models, this particular Falcon falls into the category of modest charm. Equipped with a six-cylinder engine and a three-speed manual transmission, this car provides a classic driving experience. With its column-mounted shifter, you’ll want to brush up on your shifting skills to fully unleash the potential of the 144-CID engine’s meager power.

Despite not being a Futura or a Sprint, this Falcon captivates with its understated appeal. Admire the elegant chrome accent side spears and the delightful dog dish hubcaps. Inside, a cozy bench seat and the rear seat protector embody the spirit of 1964. However, a closer look reveals a peculiar dent behind the right rear wheel well, raising questions about its origin. Fortunately, the odometer shows only 50,000 original miles, adding to its allure.

Now, let’s talk about the seller. While the presence of a mousetrap on the driver’s floor and the homemade blocks supporting the car may seem odd, it’s a testament to the uniqueness of the owner. Nevertheless, this Ford Falcon won’t remain in their possession for long. It’s bound to attract an eager buyer who can address any potential bodywork concerns and invest a little to clean up the engine compartment. With a bit of effort, the new owner will have a summer full of enjoyable rides in this captivating vintage vehicle.

Conclusion: Prepare to be captivated by the unassuming allure of a 1964 Ford Falcon Coupe. Hidden away for years, this gem is now ready to shine in the hands of its next owner. Embrace the modest charm and relish the opportunity to restore its unique character. With its affordable price tag and exciting potential, this Ford Falcon won’t stay on the market for long. Seize the chance to own a piece of automotive history and embark on an unforgettable summer adventure.

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