Bizarre Beauty or Excessive Flop? Unveiling the Custom Convertible: 1969 Volkswagen Type 3 Fastback

Prepare to have your eyes widened as we delve into the world of modified air-cooled Volkswagens. While some aftermarket creations have been praised for their ingenuity, the one we’re about to unveil falls into a category of its own. It’s a peculiar fusion of the National Lampoon family truckster and a convertible Squareback, showcasing an acquired taste that defies conventional categorization. Listed on eBay with an asking price of $34,999, this custom Volkswagen Type 3 Fastback will surely ignite a debate.

From this angle, you can truly appreciate the origins of this VW, originally a Type 3 Fastback. The rear view offers glimpses of its past, with the familiar taillights still intact, albeit surrounding a faux spare tire hump. The custom convertible top, surprisingly well-executed, gives the car a mild hot-rod appearance with its gun-slit windows and remarkably low roof height (from this specific angle). However, it becomes evident that rear visibility is compromised, making a rear-view camera a necessary investment for potential buyers. The wheels, boasting a desirable design, were once popular in the German tuning scene of the 1970s.

Stepping inside, you’ll be greeted by a plush interior adorned with leather seating surfaces and matching door panels. Despite the peculiar front-end design, the rest of this custom Fastback showcases cleanliness and attention to detail, though close inspection may reveal a few loose ends. The real mystery lies in deciphering the original builder’s intentions. Was it meant to be a luxury car? Or was it simply an endeavor to transform a non-convertible vehicle into a drop-top? Perhaps the first builder genuinely believed they were spearheading a national styling trend with this faux-luxury creation.

The ultimate verdict remains elusive. The Fastback exhibits attractive convertible qualities from certain angles, yet the front end becomes a focal point of bewilderment. The exaggerated nose, with its conspicuous grille and oddly-positioned headlights, almost seems like a whimsical joke or an attempt to evoke laughter from onlookers. What was once an eccentric vehicle now prompts serious head-scratching. Hopefully, the next owner will undertake revisions to refine the car’s snout and unlock its hidden potential. So, is there a hidden gem concealed beneath this funky bodywork, or does it serve as an overpriced testament to the excesses of the 1970s? The answer awaits your judgment.

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