Hidden Gem Unearthed: Resurrecting the Legendary 1967 Dodge Charger from the Junkyard

Prepare to be amazed as we unveil the thrilling tale of a forgotten automotive treasure—the 1967 Dodge Charger. Originally introduced as a concept car, this Charger quickly transformed into a production vehicle in 1966, making its mark as a larger-than-life “pony car” with a sleek fastback roofline. Now, residing next to a house in Denver, Colorado, this Mopar marvel is up for grabs on eBay, priced at a jaw-dropping $2,200. Despite its previous life as a junkyard relic, this Charger boasts a well-functioning engine, albeit in need of cosmetic and electrical attention.

Although the initial years of the Charger’s first generation saw modest success, with 37,000 units sold in 1966, the following year witnessed a sharp decline, with production dropping by 58% to under 16,000 units. However, Dodge’s unwavering belief in the Charger led to a complete redesign in 1968, igniting a revolution that would reshape the automotive landscape. The Charger’s second generation witnessed astounding popularity, with over 92,000 units delivered in 1968 alone, followed by similarly impressive numbers in 1969. While the Charger has undergone changes throughout the years, it continues to carry the torch as a modern-day, four-door muscle car.

Unfortunately, the passage of time, the forces of nature, and neglectful owners have taken a toll on this 1967 Charger. Once adorned in a lustrous gold hue, it now bears remnants of a faded blue/green paint job, while its original black interior remains intact. Rescued from the clutches of a graveyard, this Charger, however, lacks a VIN, which may impact its value during bidding. The vehicle exhibits signs of missing components, particularly in the passenger compartment, where the rear seats appear salvageable, but the front buckets are concealed under unsightly fuzzy seat covers, a testament to its tumultuous journey.

According to the fender script, this Charger rolled off the factory floor with a potent 383 cubic inch V8 engine, and the current seller claims that a good-running one remains under the hood. The question lingers: is it the original powerplant? Equipped with a 4-barrel carburetor, this engine likely generated an impressive 330 horsepower when new. While the seller attests to the car’s running condition, its braking system raises concerns, with the brake pedal seemingly close to the floorboard, accompanied by dangling wires beneath the dashboard. While rust is not explicitly mentioned, a noticeable crease mars the passenger side quarter panel, adding to the challenges of this ambitious restoration project. Securing a VIN and title might prove to be the ultimate hurdle in breathing new life into this automotive legend.

Prepare for an enthralling adventure as the saga of this 1967 Dodge Charger unfolds, with the promise of reviving its former glory from the depths of the junkyard.

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