Girl finds starving horse on side of the road and walks 9 miles to find help

There are only a few Good Samaritans in the world, and it always warms our souls as we see a rare selfless act from people. The same goes for this heartwarming story.

The story of this teenage girl and horse.

News of this Illinois girl and the horse blew up on the news, but what’s so special about them? These two may seem like they’ve known each other for a long time but the truth is, they just met during a fateful encounter on the road.

They took another route that day and happened to find this horse in a bad situation.

The teenage girl Kelsey was out on a drive with her mom on their trailer, going to their next swap meet. However, on that day, Kelsey’s mom decided to take a different route than usual. It just so happened that when they were driving down that road, they noticed a horse lying on the side of it. They knew that they had to stop there and take a closer look.

The family instantly felt worried after seeing the horse’s sorry state.

The horse looked so thin and was probably on the verge of death due to starvation. The worst thing they noticed was the whip marks on the horse’s body. Who could do such a thing to this poor horse?

The fact that some people did this to this horse is just beyond outrageous. Maybe her past handlers thought they couldn’t benefit from the horse anymore, so they decided to just dump her on the side of the road. Though, Kelsey and her mom speculated that the horse might have escaped from her abusive owners to look for food.

They tried coaxing the poor horse into their trailer, but it was no good

No matter what they did, they just couldn’t get the horse inside their trailer. But because Kelsey was determined to save the dying horse, she insisted on her idea – to walk the horse back home.

It’s the only logical thing to do but Kelsey’s home was still nine miles away. Still, Kelsey knew that it was the right thing to do, and so she continued to walk the horse home. They reached after four hours of walking, and the family immediately prepared to nurse the poor horse back to health.

In the end, they were able to save the horse

The horse slept for five days, worrying Kelsey and the rest of her family. Kelsey would stay in the barn the whole time, praying that they could save the horse. Kelsey’s prayer came true, and she ended up waking up to a healthy and thankful horse thanks to their efforts.

She named her horse Sunny, and Sunny also took Kelsey as her new mom as she started living in this loving environment.

The interviewer asked her, “What kept you going that whole way that you were walking?”

To which Kelsey humbly replied:

“I guess just the idea that a life’s a life’ and no matter how small it is, she needed to be saved.”

It was an admirable answer, and this thought wouldn’t probably cross other people’s minds when they are in the same situation.

“My pain wasn’t comparable to what she was in herself,” she added.

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