Donkey mom melts 2 million hearts reuniting with her baby after 1 week apart from each other

The bond between child and parent, especially with the mother, is stronger than we could even fathom. During their formative years, a child would always look for their mother and rely on them for their needs, care, and support.

Taking a child away from their mother is heartbreaking.

There would be lots of crying and moping around, and you know they’re not the same anymore. They long for their mother and would do anything to bring them back. Their reunion is always a sight to behold because it reflects their love for each other.

This mother donkey and her colt was forced to go their separate ways.

Some people rescued Mary Poppins and her colt Colonel Sanders, but they only did so because they hadn’t had the heart not to. However, they had to let someone care for them because they did not have the proper resources for the donkeys.

The original rescuers said other rescuers were taking Mary Poppins, but not Colonel Sanders.

So, when Janine Guido of Speranza Animal Rescue heard that the poor baby donkey had nowhere to go, she took him to their sanctuary in Pennsylvania. It was evident in Colonel’s body language that everything was new to him.

He was shy and a bit of a loner.

All the farm animals were new to him, and he was confused and scared about what to do with them. His interaction with the rest of the animals was limited because he distanced himself from them. Colonel obviously missed his mom because he was braying most of the time.

A week later, Janine got a call from the original rescuers saying that nobody went to pick up Mary Poppins from them.

She knew exactly what to do! Janine believes things happen for a reason, and there is one big reason why Mary wasn’t picked up. She drove back to the rescuers and picked her up so that she would be reunited with her son. The drive to Speranza was long, but they were determined.

Mary had no clue what was about to happen when they arrived at the farm.

She was on a leash, and Janine continued to lead her to the field where an eager Colonel was waiting behind the fence. It took minutes for Mary to continue walking to wherever she was being led to.

The moment the mother and son realized each other’s presence, the scene turned emotional.

Colonel was pacing back and forth, crying for his mother. Mary did the same as she slowly approached her son. It was such a happy sight to see them together again.

The reunion also changed Colonel’s disposition a lot!

He started to get comfortable with other farm animals and played with them a lot. However, he still sticks beside his mommy whenever he gets the chance. It was like he was scared to lose her again. On the other hand, Mary looks after her son and lets him be when he annoys him at times. At least both mother and son know that they’ll never be apart again.

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