Adorable footage shows baby tortoise as hitches a lift with 150yrs old mom

The African spurred tortoise are known as one of the most long-lived creatures. It’s nothing unusual for them to live more than a century. Actually their lifespan is about 50 to 150 years. However, there were reports of spurred tortoise who had lived much longer than that.

Therefore, imagine a 150 years old mother while having some time with her four days old babies, isn’t that something incredible cute? Be sure it is and this wildlife photographer captured some truly adorable shots of them!

After 115 days of hatching, the Nyiregyhaza Animal Park in Hungary welcomed eight little tortoise babies. Weighing around 0,05 lbs and measuring 0,18 feet, these little ones are less than a 10th of the size of their mother, the Express reported.  They are the first of their species born at the zoo.

As the little ones happily sat on their mother basking while enjoying the sunshine, Attila Balazs, a wildlife photographer took the opportunity and grabbed some adorable photos of the adorable scenes! Take a look:







The African spurred tortoise  are the third largest tortoise species in the world. Native of Sahara desert, Africa they can weigh up to 175-180 pounds. If these images weren’t cute enough, check this out:

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