40-year-old Racehorse Retiree And 58-Year-Old Man Give Themselves Reason To Live

It is said that man’s best friend is often a dog, but in the case of Donnie MacAdams, he considers his faithful horse, Waco, to be his best companion. Once a popular thoroughbred racehorse, Waco Hannover now spends his free time with his best human friend, Donnie.

During the day, Donnie runs a government information center in Vermont where he interacts with many people, but he can’t wait to get home from work to hang out with Waco; he even lives in an apartment above the stables, so the two of them could be considered roommates.

For the past eight years, Donnie’s downtime has been devoted entirely to Waco. The Companions have put themselves through tough times, and Donnie has credited Waco with helping him recover from a heart attack.

“I can’t carry a five-gallon bucket of water, because it’s too physically stressful,” but Waco helped him recover and now the five-pound bucket isn’t a problem.

In 2008 when Donnie met firs Waco, he didn’t had much of an apetite.

“I wanted to dig a hole because I didn’t think it would survive the winter,” he said, according to CBS News.

But it turned out that this tough old horse wasn’t sick, he was just alone.

“I only talked to him for half an hour one day and got him to accept the fact that I’m not going anywhere, I’m your friend. This has been going on for eight years. ”

Now they both love to hang out and eat animal cookies.

Donnie is even credited with the horse’s longevity – Waco celebrated its 40th birthday in 2017, that’s 120 human years.

“There were times in winter when I walked into the barn, went downstairs, and leaned against the front of the barn. He put his head on my shoulder and he just chewed, he just chewed and he just calmed me down, “Donnie told CBS News.

Unfortunately, this loyal horse passed away in 2019 at the age of 42. Donnie wrote a tribute to his partner and announced the sad news: “My best friend, therapist, sounding board and in recent years a Waco camera slut has died.

“I never thought a damn horse would make a good companion. He was and more. ”

Animals have such a wonderful ability to change our lives that they give more than most of us can imagine. Such an amazing horse. Rest in peace Waco.

Donnie and Waco were very lucky to have met and to spend the many years they spent together.

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