Unveiling the Mystery: Is this a Real SS? 1962 Chevrolet Impala with 327 and 4-Speed!

The seller of this 1962 Chevrolet Impala on eBay has left potential buyers with a lingering question: Is this car a genuine factory SS? Despite some unclear statements in the listing, the allure of this classic Chevy is undeniable. With 32 bids already pushing the price to $26,766 and counting, enthusiasts are clearly captivated by its charm. Located in Bozeman, Montana, interested buyers have the opportunity to see the Impala in person or arrange for pickup.

While the seller’s description may be a bit confusing, there are hints that suggest this Impala could be an SS. According to information from Car Gurus, one way to identify an SS model is by examining the interior trim code. This particular Impala features bucket seats, which is a characteristic of the Super Sport variant. However, there is no specific information regarding trim coding in the listing. The seller also mentions the possibility of the 4-Speed console being the original factory piece, while acknowledging that the center console is a reproduction. Despite the ambiguity surrounding its heritage, the interior of the car appears to be in excellent condition.

Fortunately, most other details about the Impala are straightforward. Recently liberated from a barn where it had been stored since 1996, the car retains its original metal, which is reported to be in good shape overall. Minor rust is mentioned, with a small bubble on the passenger side door and a few dings. The paint, over 30 years old, shows signs of wear and touch-ups, but it presents well for a driver. While perfection may require some attention to the exterior, the black finish still holds its allure. The inclusion of factory wheels would be a nice addition, although the current Keystone wheels are not displeasing.

Towards the end of the listing, the seller acknowledges that the numbers may not match, but assures potential buyers that the car is equipped with a ’62 date 327 engine under the hood. The engine runs smoothly, but there are a couple of oil leaks that will need attention from the next owner. The M22 4-Speed transmission is reported to shift properly, and recent brake work has been performed. Underneath, the Impala appears to have a solid and well-maintained undercarriage. Regardless of its SS status, this 1962 Impala is an attractive option for those seeking a fun weekend cruiser, as long as perfection is not the primary objective. What are your thoughts on this intriguing classic?

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