Untold Tales Unveiled: Unearth the Secrets of a 74-Year-Old 1948 Chevrolet Panel Truck!

If this 74-year-old truck could speak, imagine the captivating stories it could share! Who were the small businesses that adorned its sides with painted names? Did it tirelessly transport farm produce, protecting it from the elements? And could it be possible that this panel truck received a shag carpet interior “makeover” by none other than Austin Powers himself before it was carefully stowed away for the past three decades? The mysteries surrounding this vintage beauty are endless.

Get ready to discover a rare gem—a 1948 Chevrolet Panel Truck that represents a mere 7-10% of Chevy’s total production of half-ton trucks back in the day. This particular truck, now advertised as a barn find, has spent over 30 years in dry Texas storage. Located in Celina, Texas, near Dallas, this Chevy panel truck is up for sale on eBay, with a suggested starting bid of $6,500. It presents a solid foundation for the next owner, whether they wish to restore it to its original glory or embark on a hot rod transformation.

According to a 1948 sales brochure, this model is identified as a Model 3105 De Luxe Panel Truck, and a photo showcases it with the painted inscription “Old English Florist 7219 Spring St.” The brochure highlights its appeal for businesses seeking efficient and prestigious delivery service with advertising value. Although the truck’s current cranberry and black two-tone paint job is not original, it exudes a presentable and glossy appearance, adding to its charm.

The 1948 Chevrolet Advance-Design truck series boasts timeless styling cues that instantly captivate. From the iconic five-bar horizontal grill to the sleek integration of fenders, this truck showcases the elegance of its era. While the exterior appears to be in good shape, there are no undercarriage photos available. The seller does highlight an area above the left rear door that requires attention. However, the truck overall seems solid, with intact trim and decent glass, though the tires have deflated over time.

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