Unleashed Power: Revamped 1977 Ford Mustang II Surprises Enthusiasts

Prepare to be astonished as the often-underestimated 1977 Ford Mustang II takes the spotlight with its unexpected allure. While it has long been a target of criticism, this model has garnered a dedicated following among a new generation of classic car enthusiasts. As the prices of First Generation Mustangs soar, the Mustang II offers the iconic badge at a more accessible price point. For those seeking an entry into the scene without breaking the bank, a V8-equipped Mustang II proves to be an enticing alternative. This particular 1977 version, currently listed on eBay in Morgantown, Pennsylvania, presents itself admirably for its age, but it holds a secret weapon—engine upgrades that unleash thrilling performance gains. Bidding begins below the reserve at $5,050, with a tempting Buy It Now option of $13,500.

In 1974, Ford introduced the Mustang II—a bold move that downsized the legendary pony car. Surprisingly, this strategy paid off in multiple ways. The Mustang II won over the public by showcasing improved agility and fuel efficiency compared to its predecessor. This daring maneuver resulted in 296,041 units finding new homes that year. Garnering further accolades, the Mustang II received Motor Trend’s prestigious Car of the Year award, impressing the automotive press. While subsequent years saw a decline in sales, figures remained robust. The featured 1977 model, a solid and well-maintained vehicle with no urgent needs, showcases a repaint in its original Polar White color in 2020.

The paint boasts a consistent shine, with only minor fading visible on some black trim components. Although a small rust bubble is present at the bottom of the driver’s door, the remaining panels exhibit cleanliness. The floors appear clean, barring some surface corrosion on select mechanical parts. This Ford gem adorns aftermarket 14″ alloy wheels, while the original 13″ wheels are included. With its pristine glass and overall condition, there’s nothing stopping a new owner from enjoying this classic right from the start.

Upon its release, the Mustang II initially disappointed performance enthusiasts due to the lack of a V8 engine option. Ford recognized this shortcoming and rectified it in this particular model, which proudly boasts a 302ci V8 under the hood. Originally delivering a modest 139hp, this powerhouse has undergone significant modifications that will undoubtedly exceed its original performance figures. The engine has been rebuilt with a .030″ overbore, featuring new pistons, rods, GT40 cylinder heads, and an Edelbrock Performer cam.

With an aluminum Edelbrock intake, a 4-barrel carburetor, Hedman headers, and dual Flowmaster exhaust, the exact output remains undisclosed, but one can be certain it surpasses the initial 139hp. According to the seller, the car is in excellent mechanical condition, running flawlessly and gripping the road like a dream. For the successful bidder, flying in and embarking on a memorable drive back home is a viable option.

While this Mustang II may have initially faced criticism, Ford’s decision to revisit its roots and deliver a more affordable, entry-level version proved to be a stroke of genius. The First Generation Mustang had evolved into a heavier and lackluster vehicle by the time production ceased in 1973. In contrast, the Mustang II returned to its humble origins, delighting buyers with its affordability and approachable performance. The numbers speak for themselves, with first-year Mustang II sales surpassing those of the First Generation since 1969. Although this particular model presents itself in great condition and values have recently climbed, the seller

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