Unleash the Ultimate 4×4 Beast: 1989 Ford Bronco Crew Cab with an Eddie Bauer Twist!

Prepare to be mesmerized by a unique and visionary creation that emerged in the early 1990s—a series of aftermarket four-door conversions of the legendary Ford Bronco. These elongated square-bodied masterpieces seemingly predicted the future demand for spacious 4x4s capable of accommodating three rows of seats. One such remarkable conversion is the Bronco “Metropolitan” by Magnum Motor Coach, hailing from Michigan. Now available on eBay, this awe-inspiring vehicle has already attracted bids up to $14,500, with no reserve.

Among the four-door Bronco conversions, the Metropolitan stands out as the ultimate choice for those seeking a truly exceptional experience. Magnum Motor Coach built these trucks with the same attention to detail that Ford would have exhibited if they had ventured into the four-door territory. By utilizing a double-cab pickup body on an F150, F250, or F350 Ford chassis, and incorporating a custom fiberglass rear enclosure in place of the bed, the Metropolitan achieved an astonishingly authentic appearance that could easily be mistaken for a factory creation. This superior craftsmanship sets the Magnum-built trucks apart from other aftermarket options, elevating their perceived quality to new heights.

Even in the present day, the Bronco Metropolitan remains a practical and alluring choice for a classic daily driver. With three rows of seats, including a generously spacious second section, it caters perfectly to young families ferrying children and gear to school or extracurricular activities. Even if the bidding surpasses $20,000, you’ll still find yourself well below the exorbitant prices of modern Chevy Suburbans or GMC Denalis, which often soar above $70,000 with desirable features. While it may lack the god-like entertainment systems or booming stereos of its contemporary counterparts, this magnificent machine effortlessly transports everyone and their belongings, all while being incredibly cost-effective to maintain.

Under the hood of this Bronco Metropolitan resides a robust 351 Windsor engine paired with an automatic transmission. The listing assures potential buyers that a recent tune-up and brake replacement have been performed, ensuring optimal performance. Though the air conditioning may have a minor leak, it pales in comparison to the overall grandeur of this vehicle. Boasting less than 60,000 miles on the odometer and adorned with the coveted Eddie Bauer trim, this Bronco Metropolitan is not only fit for daily driving but also serves as an unparalleled companion for memorable road trips and epic tailgating adventures! The seller, while deeply fond of the truck, has reluctantly decided to part ways with it to free up valuable garage space. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to make this rare four-door Bronco conversion your very own!

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