Unbelievable Rarity: Rediscovering the Quirky 1972 Citroen D Super!

Prepare to be captivated by the fascinating tale of the 1972 Citroen D Super. Citroen, renowned for its innovative designs, shook the automotive market with the introduction of the DS in 1955. Its successor, the DS-based D Super, inherited many of the DS’s distinctive features and technology. With its competent four-cylinder engine and groundbreaking hydropneumatic suspension, the D Super became a symbol of Citroen’s engineering prowess. Now, a slightly needy 1972 Citroen D Super has emerged on craigslist, located in Arlington, Virginia, with an asking price of $19,000 firm. Many thanks to Mitchell G for spotting this hidden gem, which awaits a new owner ready to embrace its quirky charm.

Before delving into the details, it’s worth clarifying the model confusion within the listing. While the seller refers to the car as a D Super in the title and a DS20 in the description, these are actually two different Citroen models. The D Super features a 1985 cc four-cylinder engine with fewer hydropneumatic components, while the DS20 boasts a similar engine but is fully equipped with Citroen’s signature rising suspension, hydropneumatically assisted clutch, disc brakes, and steering. Based on the interior photo provided, which showcases four pedals, including a parking brake, clutch, conventional brake, and gas, it’s likely that this car is a D Super. However, further clarification from the seller would be beneficial.

The interior of this Citroen D Super is just as quirky and unique as its exterior. A single-spoked steering wheel, although in need of refinishing, adds to its distinctive character. The manual shift lever is located on the column, contributing to the unconventional driving experience. While the interior shows signs of wear, broken handles can be easily replaced, and the upholstery appears to be in decent condition, reflecting the timeless French elegance.

Although this D Super showcases undeniable charm, it requires some attention and repairs. The driver’s side front wing is missing, and both the bonnet and the driver’s headlight have suffered damage. Fortunately, with the popularity of Citroen vehicles in the market, finding replacement parts should not be overly challenging. While the seller claims that the hydropneumatic system is in working order, it’s important to consider that the D Super, lacking the full suite of eccentric hydropneumatic features, may warrant a more affordable price compared to its counterparts. Negotiation may be necessary, as recent market trends suggest a slight discount may be required to find this project car a new home, as evidenced by a comparable D Special that remained unsold at an asking price of $10,100. Don’t miss your chance to own this extraordinary and rare Citroen D Super!

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