Unbelievable Find: Low Mileage Firefighter’s Dream – 1972 International Harvester 1210 Pickup!

Prepare to be amazed by the rare opportunity to own a piece of firefighting history – a 1972 International Harvester 1210 three-quarter-ton pickup truck, previously used by the Richland Township Volunteer Fire Department. Despite International Harvester’s struggles in the light truck market, this vintage gem has survived the test of time and is now available on eBay for $25,000 or best offer. Located in Frankfort, Illinois, this truck’s remarkable story caught the attention of Larry D., who tipped us off about this extraordinary find.

Under the hood, this 1210 pickup packs a punch with its powerful 345 cubic inch V8 engine, delivering approximately 197 horsepower. Paired with a floor-shift four-speed manual transmission and equipped with four-wheel drive, this truck is ready to conquer any terrain. Known for their robustness and ample torque, International Harvester trucks are built to withstand the toughest challenges. With a thriving market for parts and accessories, maintaining this classic beauty will be a breeze, thanks to various vendors like IH Parts America and TravelAll Parts.

Step inside the cabin, and you’ll be greeted by an exceptionally well-preserved interior. The absence of dash cracks, pristine original rubber mat, and an intact steering wheel are a testament to years of climate-controlled storage in the firehouse. While there is a minor tear on the driver’s side seat, the overall condition of the cabin is impressive, reflecting the truck’s low mileage of just 9,300 miles. This firefighting workhorse has faithfully served its duty, perhaps responding to countless emergencies and even making a few pizza runs along the way.

Unfortunately, time and the elements have taken a toll on this magnificent truck, resulting in some rust and dents. The seller transparently mentions these imperfections, including a mild case of tin worm and signs of wear on the bed. However, such blemishes are forgivable considering the truck’s rich history. Some may consider stripping the vehicle, repairing the rust, and giving it a fresh coat of paint to restore its former glory. Whether this is seen as heresy or a practical approach, the allure of owning this firefighting legend is undeniable. Will you seize the opportunity to bring this iconic truck back to life?

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