Two circus bears taste freedom for the first time in 17 years

As an animal lover, I must say I’m totally disagree with the circuses. However, there are still thousands of wild animals who are forced to live in deplorable conditions inside tiny cages, so far away from their natural habitats.

Fortunately, some of those unhappy animals are getting the chance to experience the freedom after many years of sad life. It is also the case of Gaika and Masha, two bears who were part of a Russian circus for almost 17 years.

The majestic creatures have lived on a truck all those years. And when the owner of the circus has passed away, the poor animals were rescued by the Wild Animal Sanctuary. Now they are enjoying their happy, free life! However, what’s truly incredible is the moment they taste freedom for the first time!

In the short video bellow, watch as Gaika and Masha feel the grass beneath their paws for the first time after being rescued! They run, prance, and jump for joy. A really touching footage!

“Their reaction says it all 🥰

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